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Ivan Shabalov, Director of Pipe Innovation Technologies, participated in the Metallurgical Summit "Russian Steels and Global Market: Modification Potential."

Ivan Shabalov, Director of Pipe Innovation Technologies, participated in the 14th International Metallurgical Summit "Russian Steels and Global Market: Modification Potential" held on the 7th of June in Moscow.

Mr. Shavanov noted that they succeeded in creating the new-start high-tech pipe manufacturing industry for a relatively short period. Now, the Russian pipe manufacturing industry is ready to satisfy 100% of Transneft and Gazprom demands.

According to him, just five years ago - i.e. in 2011 – the volume of LDP import products purchased by Gazprom was rated by maximum 12%.  By 2014, it was rated by 0.3%. And by 2015, Gazprom, for the first time, purchased no imported products: specific thread-profile pipes (case pipes and production strings) only were supplied (0.04%).

Now, the Russian factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and can yearly manufacture up to 2.9 million tons of 1420 mm longitudinal single-joint welded pipes", sad he.

According to Shabanov, Chairman of the Coordinating Board of the Pipe Manufacturers Association,  in 2015, the pipe manufacturing factories could increase the volume of LDP products delivered to Gazprom in 1.5 times, as compared to 2014 - up to 2 million tons. Such growth was ensured by implementing the Power of Siberia and South Stream projects; quite an amount of products was also intended for gas-mains pipeline maintenance and service.

As predicted by the Association, the total Gazprom's demands for 813 to 1420 mm LDP products would make up approximately 13 million tons by 2020. This means that it needs delivery of 2 million tons a year.

Higher percentage of procurement accounts for 2017 when the volume of products would grow up to 3 million tons. Power of Siberia and North Stream-2 projects will drive growth of this market till 2020.

I. Shabalov has also reminded that the Pipe Manufacturers Association is seeks the possibility to create the Russian certification system similar to the key foreign ones (DVN, API). Development of high-tech products, promotion of service and maintenance practices, and improvement of project efficiency at the expense of decreasing any technical and economical risks are the very tasks to be solved for certifying the new system.