Corporate social responsibility

As a part of its business development strategy “Pipe Innovation Technologies” has been gradually integrating the principles of corporate social responsibility. The company pays serious attention to staff support: it creates modern and safe working places, provides employeеs with competitive salaries, gives social guarantees and cares about employeеs’ health support.

The training and capacity-building programs which the company implements promote human resources development and provide employeеs with multiple opportunities for professional growth.

The corporate culture of “Pipe Innovation Technologies” is focused on creating favorable working and living conditions for its employees.

As a part of social support of innovations, the company annually forms a research package in the area of professional interests. By Sponsoring scientific research papers, “Pipe Innovation Technologies” helps educational and scientific institutions make the metallurgy industry more appealing for highly qualified specialists, moreover it enhances the prestige of engineering and scientific professions in Russian society.

The working documentation on Corporate Social Responsibility may be found in the section “Documents and Records”.