Materials and Technical Resources
Research and Innovative
  • Packaged supplies of pipes and pipeline fittings, mounting components and hardware by leading foreign and domestic manufacturers
  • Cooperation with manufacturers and design institutes in mastering the production and launching of new product types required in the construction of unique new-type pipelines (including Nord Stream, South Stream, Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok)
  • Supplies of exclusive articles and unique and nonstock products according to customer drawings
  • Regular external audit of suppliers in order to improve the quality of products supplied
  • High product quality and absence of defects thanks to the engagement of an independent production and acceptance inspection service
  • Minimal period possible for deliveries of pipes and fittings to any locality in Russia and the CIS
  • Availability of a full set of approvals and manufacturer warranties
  • Consulting in the selection of products tailored to the customer’s specific needs
  • Optimal logistics solutions through flexible approach to transportation selection (railway, road, water, air)
  • Reasonable pricing policy

Technical and financial engineering:

  • development of specifications for pipes and fittings for oil and gas transport facilities
  • feasibility study of advanced requirements to metal and pipes for construction and operation of systems for oil and gas transportation and storage
  • development of technical requirements for the technology of production of prefabricated pipes and fittings
  • development of technical requirements for special pipes and fittings
  • development of engineering specifications for the production of pipes and fittings
  • development of financial provision for a production and supply contract

Procurement and supply:

  • development and update of quality management systems for procurement and supply
  • control over placement of orders at plants
  • participation in product acceptance
  • control over the availability of technical documents, permits and approvals
  • cooperation with research institutes for the purpose of enhancement of the quality of tubular products
  • technical expert examination of procurement requests, technical and process audit for the purpose of verification of the availability of required equipment, personnel and conditions allowing the plant to ensure conformity of products with the requirements stated in the order
  • development of the best logistics solutions, monitoring and efficient adjustments
  • development and support of statistical control over product quality

Regular research in promising areas of application of tubular products and development of optimal specifications.

Some areas of R&D activities:

  • research in analysis and development of methods of testing of advanced high-strength and high-viscosity pipe steels
  • development of modern methods of assessment of structural and metallurgical factors that ensure high quality of steel
  • activities in development and launch of production of new pipes for high-pressure gas pipelines
  • development of advanced techniques to monitor the condition of tubular products

Among the Company’s employees are specialists with post-graduate and doctoral degrees. Ivan Shabalov, D. Eng., Director General of Pipe Innovation Technologies LLC, holds a regular R&D seminar entitled “Current Research and Development Issues of Production and Utilization of High-Strength Pipes and Fittings.” The Company’s CEO is the winner of the Russian Government’s R&D award.