Pipe Innovation Technologies is an engineering company that
specializes in the packaged supply of tubular products for
construction, reconstruction and repairs of oil and gas
transportation and storage systems.
Materials and Technical Resources
Research and Innovative
Packaged supplies of pipes and pipeline fittings, mounting components and hardware by leading foreign and domestic manufacturers
Cooperation with manufacturers and design institutes in mastering and launching the production of new product types, external audit of suppliers
Consulting services in selection of products, optimal logistics solutions through flexible approach to choosing types of transport
Development of specifications for pipes and fittings for oil and gas transportation facilities. Audit of operating standards and their observance
Control over order placement at plants, participation in product acceptance, surveyor support – cognitive supply management
Development of financing mechanisms for securing a contract on production and delivery of tubular products for internal and external markets
Company-based research program, regular R&D seminars and programs
Cooperation with leading research centers and institutes in the industry, standardization and certification centers
Research in the field of advanced areas of utilization of tubular products and development of optimal technical requirements. Introduction of new methods of quality management
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Ivan Shabalov
Ivan Shabalov
General manager
December 9, 2016
Improvement of properties of materials, improvement of technological processes and updating of the q...
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